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Tether to cooperate with U.S Office of Foreign Assets Control to stop bad actors in crypto 

Published: December 13, 2023

Written by:barnaby

Tether has frozen 161 web3 wallets since the initiative. 

After refusing to cooperate with the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, Tether has decided to work with regulators on USDT.

Tether announced recently that they will commit to expanding their security protocols and will freeze the wallets of bad actors who are monitored by the U.S. as sanctioned entities.

Tether has already begun to freeze wallets associated with bad actors as recently as the beginning of this month when millions of dollars worth of crypto was stopped by Tether.

The change of heart for Tether to agree to work with U.S. officials and abide by security protocols is new.

In 2022 Tether promised to not freeze the wallets of those who used Tornado Cash to mix their coins and remain anonymous.

Since working with the government Tether has frozen 161 web3 wallets using USDT to transact, including wallets who have used Tornado Cash. 

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