Tether Sports Betting: Best Tether Sportsbooks

Published: October 12, 2023

Written by:Sam

Tether betting has become very popular in recent years. The fact that there are so many excellent sportsbooks that accept USDT has definitely played a contributing role as well, making it easy for players to find a crypto sports betting site and also bet on their favorite sports.

Today, we will run you through everything you need to know to start betting on sports with Tether. We will help you pick a crypto bookmaker, explain what the most popular sports wagers are, and how you can get started in no time.

Best Tether Sports Betting Sites

Finding the best Tether sports betting sites is not always easy, but with some help, you can arrive at the right picks for yourself. At we have made sure to follow a trusted and time-tested step-by-step process that helps us pick the most worthwhile Tether betting sites for real money.

We only choose legit sportsbooks that accept USDT based on a number of important criteria that we know matter to players. The below list of brands is based completely on our diligent research into individual Tether sportsbooks and what they have to offer you. is one of the biggest disruptors in the crypto sports betting world. The platform focuses on crypto payments and runs hundreds of thousands of markets every year. The odds are priced, and the platform is quick, allowing for effortless and flawless in-play and pre-game betting. operates globally and it caters to some of the biggest sports betting markets.


Cloudbet offers excellent markets, a robust platform, and a continually improving offer. Their biggest feature is the frequent no vig and odds booster offers that have been some of the most generous in the crypto sports betting industry. Cloudbet is an established name that features excellent bonuses, competitive odds, and a variety of markets. /

Bitcasino’s flagship Sportsbook – is hailed as one of the best sportsbooks that accept Tether as the company focuses on offering you what is arguably the best priced odds consistently. There is a loyalty offer and various small boosters to make use of. focuses on the quality of its markets more so than promotional offers, which is what sports fans love to see in an operator. 

Types of Tether Sports Bets

There are many different types of sports wagers you can place using Tether. For the most part, however, they are pretty much identical to the wagers you can find at a regular sportsbook. You will notice that all the best USDT bookmakers make sure to offer all of the wager types and markets so that sports fans can have the best possible experience.

Match Bet

A match bet is a type of wager that you will place on one team or player to win. The bet is paid out after a game is completed and if the bettor has predicted the outcome fairly. This is the most popular type of bet to discover at Tether sportsbooks. 

Future Bet

You place a future bet on the outcome of an event way ahead of schedule. For example, you can bet on a Super Bowl winner in October, although the event itself is not until February. Future bets sometimes offer great odds if you bet on a heavy underdog that you have an inkling might actually make it through to the finals. 

In-Play Bet

In-play bets are the most popular types of bets these days. They are also called live bets and they are offered during live games. This way players can bet on the outcome of certain mini events while a game is live. Tether sportsbooks do offer in-play wagers and have made it one of their main and most competitive markets. 


The accumulator bet is an interesting type of wager where you won’t bet on a single game, but across multiple games. The more games you bet on, the bigger the potential payout is. The drawback is that you need all of your selections to come through to get a payday. Innovative Tether betting sites are also starting to offer same-game parlays, which means you can make multiple selections on a single game and get a boost in the payout. 


If you want to bet on totals with USDT, you are betting whether the teams or players will score over or below a certain number of points. It’s a popular bet that is used for virtually every sport – American football, tennis, soccer, and more.  

How to Get Started with Tether Sportsbooks

Getting started with a Tether sportsbook is not at all difficult. What you need to do is simply look up a trusted USDT betting site. This could be easier said than done, but if you pick from our list of recommended sportsbooks, you may save yourself the trouble of looking around for one you can trust and know is reliable.

Then, you will have to register. The good news is that registration is a simple and straightforward process that only takes a minute. Once you are logged into your betting account, it’s time to deposit some money. There are two ways to do this. Some sportsbooks offer built-in exchanges, allowing them to convert your FIAT money into Tether directly on the site.

Most players prefer to buy Tether from an exchange and store it on a cold wallet locally so that they can get the most out of their experience, including minimize any potential conversion fees. Once you have your bankroll topped up, it’s time to head over to the betting section of the sportsbook and start placing your wagers. 

Traditional versus Tether Sportsbooks

It is fair to ponder the advantages of Tether sportsbooks against ordinary sportsbooks and whether there are indeed any such. Well, as it turns out USDT sportsbooks do stand out a little. For one, the faster transaction of money makes them more competitive, and they can offer slightly better odds than traditional bookies.

Tether makes it possible to transact your winnings instantly, which appeals to sports fans in general. The fact that so many people seek out a USDT bookie has also made these companies richer, allowing them to offer better odds and price out traditional sportsbooks. Another factor to consider is that many of these sportsbooks are based in jurisdictions that have a lower tax rate or no tax, which is another reason why the odds are often more competitive than traditional sportsbooks.

Traditional sportsbooks do have the advantage of being familiar, however, and they are still competitive when it comes to markets and odds. If you do want to gain a slightly better odds, you may venture into the world of Tether betting instead. 

What to Consider When Picking a Tether Sportsbook

When looking to pick a Tether sportsbook, you will probably want to consider several important factors. They will quickly help you determine if a website is to be trusted. What we usually look for are the quality of the odds, the variety of markets, the owner of the company and player feedback.

We hold these factors to be very helpful in helping you determine what sportsbook that accepts Tether you may want to play at. Other factors that contribute are the ease of use, overall platform quality, and whether there are odds boosters and other small promos that are focused on utility. 

Tether Betting Reviews

To help you better figure out what Tether sportsbooks are worth your while, we have created a process that allows us to always find the top bookmakers for you. Our Tether betting reviews are designed to help you figure out whether a brand is really worth it.

We look into the Tether sportsbook’s reputation, the feedback players have to offer, overall terms and conditions of the available bonuses, market variety, payment options, and customer support. 

This way, we are able to always help you find a USDT sportsbook where you can have a quick wager safely and securely, and also enjoy some of the best odds. 


Betting on sports with Tether is fast, easy, and fun. By picking the right Tether sportsbooks you will have access to the best odds and markets, and also benefit from reliable payments, excellent customer support, and great user experience altogether. Finding the right sportsbook for you is not always easy, but with so many excellent options, you can start looking right away and find value in each. 


Can I bet on sports with Tether?

Yes, you absolutely can. Betting with Tether is an easy process that you can enjoy without jumping through any additional hoops. Although you need to onboard yourself by buying Tether first, most sportsbooks that accept USDT wagers make this process simple, quick and pain-free. 

What is the best Tether betting site? and are both considered to be the best sports betting sites overall. Cloudbet is known for offering some amazing odds boosters and no vig promotions, so we would strongly recommend to keep an eye on this bookmaker as well. 

Are Tether sportsbooks safe and legit?

Yes, all the Tether sportsbooks that you will discover on have been thoroughly reviewed and can be trusted.