Tether casino games are increasingly popular. They are pretty much standard games with the added benefit of betting directly in USDT. This gives you the flexibility to place a wager on your favorite casino games for the chance to win real money payable in Tether.

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What Are Tether Casino Games?

Tether casino games are just regular types of casino games. You will know them already – they include slots, jackpots, live dealer games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, sic bo, craps, and so many more. The key here is to be able to place directly in USDT as your preferred currency. 

Many casinos today do support Tether as their native payment option, which makes it much easier for players to bet and cash out directly in USDT. Casino games such as Crash, Dice, Mines, and Plinko are also available to play with Tether, but so are many of the most popular slots and table games, and even live casino games.

Tether games are therefore pretty much the same as regular online casino games for real money. The only slight difference is that you bet with a digital currency instead which is a preferred option for many players as it ensures quicker payments and a more streamlined overall experience.

Where to Find the Best USDT Casino Games 

If you are looking for the best Tether casino games, you are in luck, because has put together a list for you to explore. We have shortlisted five excellent casinos where you will discover a number of fantastic games that are playable with Tether. Players are welcome to have their choice from the available brands that we have covered and recommended at

What Types of Tether Casino Games There Are 

As it turns out, there are plenty of different online casino games you can play with Tether. From slots to progressive jackpots, to live dealer games, and more, there is much going on at casinos with thousands of games now accepting USDT as a viable payment option. Here are some of the main Tether casino games you can expect to see at some of the top brands in the industry.


Slots are some of the most easily recognizable games in the casino industry. They are also some of the earliest adopters of Tether as a payment option. Players have thousands of Tether slots to choose from here, and they can rest assured that the casino we recommend all support USDT payments.

You will probably wonder what the best Tether slots are, but the answer is to keep exploring. There are several factors you can also use to determine if you enjoy a slot – such as the expected Return to Player, but also the theme. Volatility and bonus features also play a role in choosing a Tether slot you enjoy. As to specific slot recommendations, we think you should check in with Bitcasino,, Cloudbet, and the other excellent operators we know for a fact provide spot-on slot experiences.

Jackpot Games

Tether casinos would not be any fun if they didn’t feature jackpots. This is why players are actively exploring casinos that have sufficient jackpots to offer them. There are different types of jackpots as well.

Some are fixed and others are progressive. Tether casino sites provide you with both types. Other games still will simply feature big multipliers, which aren’t necessarily jackpots as such, but they pay out excellent money if you are ever so lucky to get the right combination of symbols.

Jackpot games are, as you have probably guessed, mostly Tether slots, but on occasion, you will find USDT table games that also pay jackpots. 


Roulette is a casino classic with Tether casinos featuring it generously as part of their offer. Most Tether casino sites that offer roulette will have different versions of it. European, American, and French are to be expected but there also other variants that are inspired from more innovative take on the roulette experience, with titles such as XXXTreme Lightning Roulette, Auto Roulette, First Person Roulette, and many others also a frequent sight at Tether casinos. 


Blackjack is another popular game to explore, and the best Tether casino sites will help you find a version of the title that you enjoy. Players may play classic blackjack as well as some of the newer versions, all while betting in USDT for that added level of comfort. There are games such as One Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack that you may want to try as well. 

These are slightly more innovative and modern versions of the game, but they have the same core set with the only difference being that they add a few side bets or just polish over the user interface for a truly immersive Tether casino gaming. 

Live Casino Games

Live casino games have admittedly been a little slow to adapt to Tether payment methods. They have mostly been worried about how cryptocurrencies would be received by players, but the good news is that these fears have not really been justified.

Tether live casinos are very popular today and you can play live casino games and pay in USDT. The experience is familiar with a game host or a croupier guiding the sessions, and you – interacting with them over chat. 

There are many different game genres you can experience this way, including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and all sorts of game shows that are specifically designed to innovate how you enjoy live dealer games at Tether casino sites. 


Baccarat is another popular Tether casino game to try. The title is a little niche, but there is still a good number of players who enjoy this one. Baccarat is a game where you will bet on two possible outcomes – the Player or Banker bet, and you can choose either type (nevermind that you are the player).

Tether casino sites feature baccarat and a number of different titles for you to enjoy and you can rest assured that you will find the ones that you love best and play them with USDT. 

Video Poker 

Video poker is another spot-on option for players who are looking to play at Tether casinos. Video poker is historically a competitive game that many players love to try their hand at. You will play against an RNG and try to put together a stronger overall hand to beat the house. You can naturally bet with USDT, and in some cases – even succeed to cash in. In fact, many players claim that they are better than the house in video poker.

Original Tether Casino Games

As mentioned before, there are some games in Tether casinos that are developed in-house. They are “originals,” and you will find them at many popular USDT casinos, including BitStarz, Stake, and Bitcasino. 

These titles are developed to completely defy what you have come to expect from online casino games and provide you with a rewarding experience where you assume a little more control over your bankroll and certain outcomes. 

Games such as Dice and Crash allow you to assume on a varying level of risk for a higher or lower reward. You get to have a say in the game, although you cannot admittedly influence the outcome by too much. Dice Tether games tend to be among the most popular as you can boost the probability of a win significantly. 

How to Get Started with Tether Casino Games

To get yourself started at any Tether casino, you will be surprised to find out that the process is quite straightforward and simple to begin with. All you need to do is pick a brand from our list at and sign up. 

Once you are registered, all that is left for you is to play at your preferred blackjack game. The casinos we cover will offer you to bet directly in Tether and have fun as you go along. 

There is no specific onboarding process that you have to go through, although you still need to deposit money using your crypto wallet in most cases. Some sites will simplify this process by allowing you to convert FIAT directly into USDT on the site.  

Are Tether Casino Games Safe?

Yes, absolutely. Tether casino games are safe and reliable, and you will have absolutely no trouble playing any of them. In fact, some of these games even use an advanced algorithm known as provable fairness, which is based on blockchain technology and allows you to authenticate each transaction and make sure that it’s genuine. 


Tether casino games are very fun to play. They are fair, based on a Random Number Generator for the most part or provably fair algorithms, and bring you a high level of satisfaction when you play. If you are wondering where to start, any of the casinos that we have listed on will be fitting choices for you moving forward. Pick the ones you love best and enjoy playing your favorite online casinos with USDT.

Tether Casino Games FAQ

Can you play Tether casino games?

Yes, you can play casino games and pay in Tether. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies presently, and it makes it very easy for you to access all your favorite casino games – slots, jackpots, table games, and even live dealer games! 

Do casinos accept Tether for gaming?

Yes, there are many excellent brands that accept Tether as a viable currency to use when looking to play. Tether casino sites offer full support for USDT – from the cashier section to the games that accept bets directly in the digital token. 

Are there Tether live casino games?

Yes, absolutely, there are Tether live casino games you can explore in full and enjoy. Live casinos are more open to the idea of accepting USDT these days as the payment method has become so overwhelmingly popular. 

Can you play jackpot games with USDT?

Yes, you can participate in jackpot games with USDT and play for fixed and progressive jackpots. Players are very welcome to go ahead and try their best at some of the most tempting jackpots there are.

Is Tether safe for playing casino games?

Yes, Tether is absolutely safe for playing casino games. You can use the currency to access and play your favorite online casino games as you see fit.