Best Tether Casino Sites for Playing Roulette

Published: September 26, 2023

Written by:Sam

Roulette is a popular casino game, and you will find many of the best versions on our list of the best Tether casino sites. Yet, how do you figure out what casino is good, and what versions of the game would you like to play yourself?

We set out to answer this and more by bringing you some of the best USDT roulette casinos. You can play all popular versions of the game, including American, French, and European, offering you a motley bunch of options to explore all by yourself.

Our roulette casino Tether list will only bring the best games to your attention. Let’s dive in and check out where to find the best games.

Best Tether Casinos for Roulette

The best Tether Casinos will make sure that you have access to all versions of online roulette for real money. You can play quickly and enjoy yourself by betting directly into Tether and pick from some of the most worthwhile and rewarding Tether roulette games.

Finding a good Tether casino is of course important, but with, you can save yourself all the looking around by simply choosing from our list of casinos. There are many factors that go in the choice of a good Tether roulette site, and we have made sure to cover them all. 

Players will find it easy to choose a site from our list, or read one of our expert reviews in order to choose a site that has done enough to feature all the worthwhile roulette games you can play and bet on with Tether. 

How to Pick a Good Tether Roulette Site?

The choice of a good Tether roulette casino is important. This is why we set out to help you find the best ones. We use a step-by-step process that allows us to quickly and easily find those casinos that are going to be worth your while. Tether gambling is always better when you know you have picked a good site. 

Game Versions 

One of the first things we will always check about and Tether roulette sites is whether it has enough different game versions. We value variety a lot, and expect the best sites to cover a number of different USDT games. There are both classic and live dealer games to try your hand at, giving you a nice portfolio of options! 

Banking and Payments

We know that Tether deposits and withdrawals are quick, but we care about something different – how easy it is for new players to figure out the process. We are very particular about the best Ethereum casino sites featuring a clear-cut and easy process to follow when it comes to onboarding new players and check this. 

Reputation and Licensing 

Not sure if a Tether casino site is worth it? There is a very quick way to check – have a quick look at the licensing and reputation. This is what we do at as it allows us to check if a website is worth playing at. Of course, licensing is not all, and we do value reputation more so than a license, but at the end of the day – these are two very helpful factors to use and decide about a casino.

Customer Support

Customer support is another factor that we use to determine if a Tether roulette casino is something you would be interested in. We get a quick word with support to find out how responsive and helpful they are, and whether they respect their advertised working hours. 

Best Tether Casino Roulette

There are many different versions of USDT roulette you can play. For the most part, players will choose from French, European, or American. All three versions are actually pretty good and will offer you the opportunity to play and enjoy yourself.

The best one of these is probably French Tether roulette which features the Le Partage and En Prison rules and boosts your RTP to 98.65%, the highest possible percentage. European and American are also fun versions.

European comes with a fixed 2.70% house edge, which players still find very good. The best Tether casino sites make sure to feature European roulette above all else, although American is also popular. This version has a 5.36% house edge, but even then, it’s fun because it uses a novelty five-number bet and features two zeros on the wheel. 

Apart from these games, you can pick other popular USDT online roulette if you play live dealer games. Providers such as Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Vivo Gaming, and many others have made sure to let you play with Tether and enjoy your favorite version of roulette.

Live Tether Roulette

As mentioned, you can play live dealer roulette games with Tether. Live dealer roulette is similarly popular at the best Tether casino sites, including and BitStarz, both of which feature plenty of excellent games to check out. The live dealer portfolios accept USDT as your preferred currency and you can play some of the best games in the industry.  

Free versus Real Money Tether Roulette

You can play Tether roulette for free or for real money. Both games seem to have their advantages, but the one you play for real money is hands down the more exciting. Still, you will want to play both versions in specific situations.

Free Tether Roulette

+ One of the best ways to test roulette strategies

+ Can play as much as you like with no financial risk

+ Great for passing the time casually

– There are no real money bonuses

– Cannot win any real money

– Gets boring rather quickly 

Real Money Tether Roulette

+ The most fun version of the game

+ Can win real money when you play

+ Casinos offer bonuses for real money play

+ You can play live dealer Tether roulette

– It’s easy to get carried away and lose money

– Some players may play excessively

How to Win Tether Roulette

To win real money Tether roulette, there are some pieces of advice that you can follow and make sure that you are on top of your game. Essentially, players can follow some time-tested tips that help across the full spectrum of Tether gambling to get the best results.

#1 Play at a Good Casino will bring you a list of the best possible casinos you can find that offer USDT roulette. We have made sure that you can never miss the right casino site for you thanks to our comprehensive review section that brings you all the updates you need to know about the top online casino sites! 

#2 Pick the Best Versions

If you are going to play Tether roulette, why not choose the best version of the game? Pick a roulette game that has a high RTP and enjoy it at one of the best Tether casinos available to you right this moment. 

#3 Don’t Spend Too Much

Roulette players tend to be a fun-loving lot, but it’s important to play responsibly and never overspend. If you are new to Tether roulette take your time and make sure you are having a good time first. Don’t spend too much money, and remember that you are playing for fun.

#4 Never Chase Your Losses 

A golden rule of Tether gambling and roulette is to never chase your losses. Some players are convinced that they can make up for a loss by spending more – this is mostly not the case. Keep a level head when you play and remember to have fun in the process. A bad beat is a bad beat, and you can come back and play another day. 

#5 Pick a Bonus

The best part about Tether roulette sites is that they often feature great bonuses! Sites such as will offer you a cashback bonus and loyalty experience where you don’t have to deposit any money or even meet rollover requirements. If you are looking for a great roulette site that accepts Tether and grants amazing bonuses, is it! 


Tether roulette is fun and it gets even more fun when you pick a website that you can trust. We have made sure to bring you a list of trusted exceptional casinos that accept USDT as one of their default currencies. The brands we have featured are trusted, reliable, and some of the best names in the industry making it easy for you to get a foothold and enjoy some of the best classic and live dealer Tether roulette anywhere!


Can you play Tether roulette online?

Yes, you can definitely play online roulette with Tether. There are many excellent Tether roulette casinos to pick from, including, Bitcasino, FortuneJack, Cloudbet, and others. 

Can you play Tether roulette for free? 

Yes, you can play Tether roulette for free. The casinos we recommend all have free versions of their classic roulette games and you can really get a lot of testing in. 

What is the best Tether roulette site? is hailed as one of the best Tether roulette sites of all time. There are other excellent options, however, including Bitcasino, FortuneJack, and Cloudbet, all of which provide exceptional-quality USDT roulette.