Tether Gambling: How to Get Started

Published: November 17, 2023

Written by:Sam

Tether gambling is a very popular way to experience games of chance, lottery tickets, poker, and even sports and horse betting. Today, we will take a good look at all possible activities that support USDT as the currency of choice. Our team has provided you with the ultimate guide on Tether gambling and how to get started! We are bringing you a list of trusted websites and activities you can explore. Before we start, let’s first take a look at the best Tether gambling sites and how we review them

Best Tether Gambling Sites

Although the term Tether gambling is rather broad and spans many different activities, you will be happy to know that there are quite a few websites out there that cover several verticals at once. This means that you will have access to all sorts of activities and enjoy the best gambling experience Tether can buy. We have listed all licensed, trustworthy, and legit gambling sites you can explore today.

To help you always find a gambling site with USDT you may like, we consider many different factors. For example, we take the site’s reputation seriously. We similarly look into what players are saying about one brand or the next, and we test the games and banking ourselves. Our team understands Tether sports betting as well as it does casino gaming. 

This way you always know that the brands you have picked here are those that you can trust and rely on. We have extensively reviewed every aspect of the gambling experience for your convenience. 

What Types of Tether Gambling Is There?

As a matter of fact, there are many different Tether gambling sites you can enjoy. This makes it very easy to play and experience different forms of gambling. We will now take a look at what the most common forms of gambling with Tether are and why you may enjoy them. 

Sports Betting

Is betting with Tether possible? It turns out it is! Whether you want to bet on horses or sports, you will find Tether to be a great cryptocurrency to do just that. There are many excellent Tether sports betting sites that you can visit and bet on your favorite sports, teams, and players, making it a worthwhile experience from start to finish. If you are new to sports betting with USDT, you can check out some of the casinos we have listed on our website, as they also offer some of the best Tether sports betting. We recommend having a look at,, Cloudbet, and FortuneJack, which all offer Tether sports betting. 


Tether gambling sites that feature casino games are perhaps the most popular and our area of expertise here at is as well. We are excited to be offering some of the best casino sites you can explore with USDT, and also help you find the games and bonuses that you have always wanted to try and elevate your gameplay in the process. Tether casinos are by far the most popular form of gambling you can explore with cryptocurrency. 


Lottery may seem like an odd Tether gambling activity, but it’s actually very popular. USDT lotteries are a thing, and they are becoming increasingly popular. They are much easier to get into than other forms of Tether gambling which is not a bad thing. 

Even though they tend to be a little less frequented by players, they are actually quite popular with a demographic that exceeds that of casino players, for example. Tether lotteries are also experimenting with instant win formats which allows you to quickly play through some lottery-style USDT games as well! 


Tether poker is admittedly a little niche. Regardless, there is a vibrant community built around the company precisely by players who would much rather place their next wager in USDT. Poker Tether comes in all shapes and forms. You will find worthwhile tournaments that feature hefty prize pools, and you will also get to experience cash games and all sorts of poker, from Omaha HiLo to Texas Hold’em. There are even decent bonuses for you to claim on your way in! 

How to Get Started with Tether Gambling

This is a short step-by-step guide to follow when looking to get started with Ethereum gambling. Players are welcome to try this methodology and get themselves going with a worthwhile Tether gambling site.

  1. Pick a Tether gambling site you can trust – focuses on mostly casinos, but many of the brands we review are also present in poker, sports betting, and even esports!
  2. Set your account and get ready – The process of registering at the best Tether gambling sites is easy and quick. Get your account up and running in no time and head to the cashier section.
  3. Deposit – Make a deposit and claim a bonus if you feel like it. Many Tether gambling sites will offer excellent promotions right as you enter. 
  4. Enjoy the game – Now that you have registered and claimed a bonus, it’s time to enjoy the activity – whether it’s casino games, betting, poker, or something else!

Tips on How to Win Gambling with Tether

Although there are many different types of Tether gambling sites, winning will mostly come from the same core principles. This makes it fun to play and enjoy the various activities available to gamblers who prefer to bet in USDT. We have provided a detailed and exhaustive list of tips and tricks to follow to increase your chances of winning when gambling with Tether.

#1 Don’t Chase Your Losses

The first and most important piece of advice is to not get hung on your losses. They are a normal part of Tether gambling, and you want to try and focus on playing consistently and smartly, and most of all – to have fun. There is no point in dwelling on things that you cannot change. 

#2 Play at a Moderate Pace 

Even the biggest bankroll can disappear quickly if you are not pacing your play. It’s always better to play by betting a small fraction of your bankroll at a time which makes it easier to enjoy your gameplay in real-time and focus on the gameplay – not worry about money. Tether gambling is the most fun when you are taking it easy and extending your sessions organically. 

#3 Make Use of Bonuses 

Bonuses can be underestimated on occasion, but the truth is that they are very helpful in the long run. Players who claim bonuses usually have a great time at a casino. Although a bonus will not necessarily help you be more successful at poker or casino games of chance, it will help you run a slightly bigger bankroll that will extend your sessions and help you have an enjoyable time. 

#4 Remember to Take Regular Breaks

Since you are never going to be pressured to spend more on Tether gambling sites, taking regular breaks is important. You want to be well-rested and to never overdo your sessions. These sites are designed for the sake of convenience so you will never be pressed for time or must play through the end of a game. Most titles can be left at any time, making your Tether gambling experience flexible and giving you a somewhat higher chance to win in the long run.

#5 Choose a Strategy

No matter whether you are playing a casino game of chance, poker, or betting on sports with Tether, there is always a strategy that you can pick to boost your chances of success. A strategy will often go a long way and make you enjoy your gameplay to its fullest. There are many good strategies for games of chance, such as Martingale, Fibonacci or Labouchere, and there are even more strategies when you play poker or bet on sports with Tether. Why not make use of those?


Is Tether gambling legal?

Yes, Tether gambling is completely legal, and you will find it to be very welcoming when you know what sites to pick, how to find the best gambling activities and play smartly. We have covered this and much more. 

Can I claim a USDT casino bonus?

Yes, you most certainly can. USDT casino bonuses are in fact very popular and very common. will always help you find a fitting bonus that you can use to enjoy your gaming to the fullest. 

Can I bet on sports with Tether?

Yes, you can absolutely bet on sports using Tether. Sportsbooks and Tether sports gambling sites are in fact very popular with the community. Players love to bet on the outcome of official sports events using USDT as their preferred currency. 

Is there Tether poker?

Yes, there are gambling sites that offer Tether poker. They are worth visiting as you can play with your preferred cryptocurrency and enjoy busy cash games, weekly and weekend tournaments, and big events. 

What’s the best Tether gambling site? and are possibly the two best Tether gambling sites. They offer a variety of gaming options across a number of worthwhile verticals.